Quality and environmental policy statement

Quality and environmental policy statement

etree Gmbh in its business endeavors pays special attention to quality and the environment and its primary objective is to maintain quality in the work framework. The organization proves this by implementing, maintaining, and continual improvement of the integrated management system in accordance with the requirements of the standards ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015.

The basic strategic orientation of etree Gmbh is to be recognized for its quality in IT distribution. etree Gmbh will accomplish this by:

  • Observing and understanding the goal and context of the organization and conforming the strategic direction of the organization and the integrated management system;
  • Establishing IMS objectives and plans for their realization;
  • Meeting customer requirements and applicable statutory and regulatory requirements;
  • Continual research of the needs and expectations of the interested parties in order for them to be understood and adjusted to by the organization;
  • Continuous meeting of customers’ needs and increasing customer satisfaction;
  • Organizing all the organization’s activities as a network of processes with clearly defined input and output elements in which everyone has specific obligations that must be fulfilled i.e. fully managed at any given time;
  • Considering risks and opportunities when making decisions;
  • Understanding of the obligation to protect the environment, the prevention of environmental pollution and all other activities for the protection of the environment that are relevant to the context of the organization;
  • Continuous monitoring and implementation of modern trends in the implementation of environmental legislation;
  • Continual improvement of all processes, products and services in the direction of continual improvement of the integrated management system.

All the employees, led by the top management, shall respect and apply the above stated principles in their daily work within the integrated management system in accordance with the requirements of ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015, aware that the success of the organization depends on them.

The maintenance and continual improvement of the established IMS is understood as a priority by the organization. etree Gmbh performs periodic reviews of the IMS policy to ensure its conformity to the objectives, the context of the organization, and to ensure its significance and appropriateness for the organization.

The IMS policy has been adequately conveyed and understood by all the employees in etree Gmbh

The IMS policy is public and available to all interested parties.


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