Finance & Leasing with Grenke

Spread your costs over several months and remain flexible thanks to financing and leasing.
Our partner GRENKE is a leading provider in the financing & leasing segment with over 40 years of experience.

Lease your equipment/digital technologies/office supplies/copiers/etc.

Leasing is worthwhile. The attractive alternative to immediate purchase protects your liquidity and allows you to always stay up to date with the latest technology.
Do you want to lease your equipment and still remain liquid as an entrepreneur? What are you waiting for? With the leasing of our partner, GRENKE AG, we have your back. We extend your financial flexibility. You can develop new ideas. And all that for as little as EUR 500 net.

Your advantages with leasing – always modern, always plannable

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GRENKE – more financial leeway for doers

Entrepreneurs need the freedom to finance their ideas. With GRENKE, this is very easy, fast and personal – from entrepreneur to entrepreneur.
GRENKE AG is a global financing specialist for small and medium-sized enterprises headquartered in Baden-Baden. The company is active worldwide with over 1.900 employees in 32 countries.

When it comes to financing, GRENKE offers everything that gives entrepreneurs freedom: leasing that conserves your resources. Factoring that allows you to flow quickly. And banking with innovative services.

Funding voucher for companies from NRW

Take advantage of NRW.BANK’s promotional benefits for your leasing financing
through GRENKE AG.

As a contractual partner of NRW.BANK, GRENKE Bank receives a favorable refinancing option
combined with the obligation to pass on the promotional benefit contained therein to GRENKE AG. For its part, GRENKE AG passes this benefit on to you when you redeem the promotional voucher. A contractual relationship is established exclusively between you and GRENKE AG.

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