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We are one of the leading IT distributors in Europe with locations in Cologne and Wroclaw, Poland. Get to know etree!

etree GmbH

Since it was founded in 2010, etree GmbH has established itself as an innovative IT-distributor in the DACH region. Our focus here is clearly on network technology.

Our success results from a carefully selected manufacturer portfolio as well as our customers such as system houses and integrators, providers and of course the specialist trade.

What sets us apart from conventional distributors?
How do we stand out from conventional distributors?

  • Large spare parts warehouse (focus: spare parts)
  • Project prices from the first piece
  • Purchase of used goods
  • Sale of refurbished goods
  • Sale of EOS / EOL goods

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about us etree gmbh
about us future-oriented IT-distribution

Think clean. Think green.

We stand for sustainable and future-oriented IT distribution. See here what exactly is behind it:

etree GmbH is a forest and climate protector!

etree shares of 4.000 square metres of ProtectionForest helps protecting a piece of nature against deforestation and cultivation for at least 50 years. This does not only benefit our planet and our climate but also numerous rare animals and plants in Panama.

The etree ProtectionForest is part of a naturally grown forest that is several decades old and that was classified as particularly worth protecting. Every single tree growing in the Protection- Forest permanently stores carbon from the atmosphere and therefore contributes to climate protection. One hectare of this rainforest binds as much carbon dioxide as an average German produces in 20 years.

Your next career step

Etree GmbH has been working successfully as an ICT distributor with branches in Cologne and Wroclaw, Poland, since 2009. By expanding our services and expanding our portfolio, we plan to expand our team. We are looking forward to your compelling application!

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