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ebook: The implementation of ERP systems in your company

This 15-page ebook gives you an overview of the most successful ERP providers on the market and describes step by step how to implement the right ERP system in your company. In a total of 11 chapters, the following topics are dealt with precisely and in an easily understandable manner:

  • What is an ERP system?
  • Large and well-known manufacturers of ERP systems in the market
  • How do I make the right ERP selection?
  • The requirements: Which ERP system is suitable for which company size?
  • The most important ERP functions and modules at a glance
  • An ERP system: in which industries does it make sense?
  • ERP as an open source solution: How competitive are freeware solutions?
  • ERP in the cloud versus server-based software: what are the advantages of web-based business solutions?
  • This is how you can successfully introduce an ERP system in your company
  • Familiarize your own employees with the ERP system
  • Conclusion: The right ERP system makes the changeover considerably easier

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