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Benefit sustainably from our IT remarketing: We buy and sell used IT products after repair and processing.

IT remarketing - recycle your old IT products

The IT industry is growing steadily and changing rapidly. That is why there are increasing technical possibilities. Many companies are therefore required to adapt their existing IT infrastructure accordingly. But what happens to the old IT products when routers, switches, firewalls, access points and telephones are replaced?

etree buys their depreciated and old HP and Juniper components. That means we buy any hardware – preferably Cisco routers, switches, firewalls, telephones, access points and the associated accessories. But you are also welcome to contact us with regard to other manufacturers. We are always open to interesting offers.

As a specialist in IT remarketing, we ensure that your old devices are prepared for reuse or, if necessary, disposed of in an environmentally friendly manner. With our concept for the re-marketing of used network products, we are your reliable partner for professional IT remarketing.

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    Our solutions, your advantages

    etree IT-Remarketing solutions:

    • Logistic processing
    • Professional data deletion
    • Receipt of goods, preparation and functional tests
    • Recycling and environmentally friendly disposal
    • New devices (New Retail, New open Box, Refurbished and Renewed)

    Your advantages:

    • Old devices bring money
    • We buy your old devices at the highest possible price on the market.
    • We accept your written off goods in payment and
      offset this with your new purchase
    it-remarketing solutions etree

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    it-remarketing refurbished it Network components etree

    Advantages with refurbished IT and renew network components

    • Purchase of network components at a very high discount
    • At least three months guarantee
    • If network components that you have bought from us are replaced, they will be exchanged within 48 hours.
    • The quality of the functionality of the devices is comparable to the quality of new products.
    • Many used devices are partly still in new condition.

    We give you up to 95% discount on the list price. Our products are fully functional and checked by engineers. We also give you a three-month guarantee on Refurbished IT.

    Do you have interest? Then please get in touch with us.

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    Receipt of goods, preparation and functional test

    The procedure includes:

    • Function test and determination for further use (resale or scrapping)
    • Cleaning and removal of stickers
    • Technical inspection

    After going through this process, the devices are ready for further use. As a result, any company identification is removed from here.

    Remarketing / IT remarketing:

    After being checked by etree service technicians, your reconditioned old devices flow back into the network market.

    For you this means:

    • You don’t have to recycle, waste time or invest money in scrapping your old equipment
    • etree handles the transport reliably and quickly.
    • We take your written off goods in payment and offset them with your new purchase
    Receipt of goods, preparation and functional test etree

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    it-remarketing recycling and disposal etree

    Recycling and disposal

    If defective IT units can no longer be used after a thorough check, we will take care of the professional and environmentally friendly disposal in cooperation with certified disposal companies. Valuable secondary raw materials can be recovered from disposed of old devices. This not only offers you economic advantages, but you also make an important contribution to sustainable resource protection.

    Our IT remarketing services at a glance:

    • Product recycling according to national and European guidelines
    • Evironmentally responsible waste disposal
    • Cooperation with certified waste disposal companies

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    etree is your IT partner

    Etree GmbH from Cologne has been a manufacturer-independent provider of company and home network products since 2010.
    The service portfolio offers everything at first hand. etree analyzes the needs of its customers, designs the right IT strategy and ensures that it is implemented promptly.
    If you are interested, just contact us.

    Etree GmbH offers complete solutions for all network areas

    it-remarketing IT-Partner etree

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